About us

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Ofrecer a nuestros clientes servicios de diseño, patronaje, desarrollo de producto, producción y logística.

SOURTEX CABRERA S.L. is a company with more than 30 years experienced team in textile industry providing solutions for brands in world of fashion. 

Our vision

Be a leading team in the textile sector producing and developing products for national and international markets, adapting ourselves to the needs of each client and taking care of the environment.

In Sourtex Cabrera we are very aware about fashion's impact on our ecosystem, that's why we are working in a sustainable way.

Our values

The values that define our work and team are aligned and this allows us to obtain the best results:





Social and environmental responsibility


Grow with us

In Sourtex Cabrera we are aware of fashion's impact in our ecosystem, that's why we see that sustainable fashion's future is at our fingertips. Our commitment and responsibility towards our actions will make it possible to turn fashion into a totally socially reformed and environmentally conscious industry.

Do you want to work with us?

Thanks to our experienced, proactive and talented team, we aspire to be the best by offering the best solutions and latest fashion trends to our customers.